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More self confidence with number based decision making. Discover trading strategies that work. 

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It's an outbreaking system. I'm been with the system for 3 months. It's a system that tells what's suppose to happen at this moment. I heard they are bringing in more features. Machine learning is the key to this century.

Amazing Features

The focus is on numbers

Algorithmic Power

After years of planning, testing and improving our software is what professional traders need.

Psychological Partner

The Prime will be the first thing you check in the morning. It is like a very good adviser who tells you what to buy.

Compatible Solution

Any strategy or personality fits with the Prime. Our customer base reaches from scalpers, day traders to swing traders.

Make better
trading decisions

The Prime was developed to be the only trading tool you will ever need. We want to highlight that focus is what makes good traders great. 

Your daily 40 years
market scan

We always scan the whole market each and every day. Up to 40 years of data. A regular human would need 2740 years for that. Every day. 

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Fair pricing with constant updates and optimisation.

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